PRESS RELEASE: Factotum Brewhouse & The Monkey Barrel Collaborate on Monkey Bars, a Collaboration Beer to Benefit Chaffee Park

Factotum Brewhouse & The Monkey Barrel Collaborate on Monkey Bars, a Collaboration Beer to Benefit Chaffee Park The two neighborhood businesses seek to raise money for playground improvements with the first in the “Sunnyside Series” of beers DENVER, CO (April 23, 2017) – Factotum Brewhouse and The Monkey Barrel, two drinking establishments from Denver’s Sunnyside Read More

Start Your Engines: It’s the 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500!

Updated 5/27/16 Colorado’s our favorite state.  It must be since we chose to live here!  But, we weren’t born here; nobody on the Factotum payroll is a native Coloradan.  Our roots lie elsewhere.  In regards to the owners of Factotum, those roots are dug into the fertile farmlands of Indiana and that’s why we’re bringing Read More

Confluence Tap Handle at Butcher’s Bistro

We are partnering with our new friends at Butcher’s Bistro to help the charity Veterans to Farmers. Butcher’s Bistro will featurw our Intensity Break Coffee Brown Ale, brewed by Rowland+Broughton Architecture, on their Confluence Tap Handle, a tap handle that donates a portion of each sale to charity. For the entire month of March, Butcher’s Bistro will Read More

PRESS RELEASE: Factotum Brewhouse & Tow Yard Brewing Co. Brew Beer in Tribute to Famous Quarterback

For Immediate Release Factotum Brewhouse (Denver) and Tow Yard Brewing Co. (Indianapolis) today announced they will be collaborating on a beer that honors the professional quarterback significant to both cities.  The beer will be available at both breweries’ taprooms as well as at the 3rd annual Collaboration Fest in Denver, a beer festival in which Read More

FAQ Pt. 2

For other FAQ heard in the taproom, click here. Working in the taproom, we often hear the same questions asked over and over by different customers.  These are some of the ones we hear most frequently. How do you choose the guest brewers? We don’t choose them, they choose us.  We truly believe anybody can Read More

Pick Up Your FREE GABF Tickets!

We at Factotum Brewhouse are flabbergasted.  We held a raffle to win free GABF tickets, we pulled three names, gave those people several days to claim their prize, but nobody showed up to take them!  So, we drew three more names.  We never thought giving out free GABF tickets–the most coveted prize in all beer geekdom–would Read More

ANNOUNCEMENT: “Sunnyside Beer Stroll” Set for GABF Week

For Immediate Release   Denver Beer Co. Canworks, Diebolt Brewing, & Factotum Brewhouse Announce Sunnyside Beer Stroll Neighborhood-wide brewery exploration set for the week of Great American Beer Festival Denver, Colo. (Aug. 19, 2015) – The breweries of Denver’s Sunnyside Neighborhood—Denver Beer Co. Canworks, Diebolt Brewing, and Factotum Brewhouse— today announced that they will host Read More

Connecting Over a Beer: The Shared History of Dwyer’s Ire

People come together over beer.  We meet our friends for a few pints at the bar, we pack fields and convention centers at beer festivals, and, with plastic cup in hand, we make countless new acquaintances at parties, wedding receptions, and anywhere else that foamy elixir is served.  Yes, beer connects people.  But, until recently, Read More

We’ll See You at GABF!

Take a breather, beer geeks—the hustle and stress of Great American Beer Festival’s general admission ticket sales has passed; here’s hoping you and yours got all the tickets you desired and that most of the scalpers were thwarted, prevented from hoarding the lion’s share of tickets. If you did manage to procure entrance into GABF, Read More

The Fourth of July and American Craft Beer

It’s almost the Fourth of July so it’s time to wax patriotic and espouse our love of this great land via the context of craft beer. Only a few decades ago, America was the butt of the international brewing joke, derided for its lackluster, watered-down suds.  Indeed, there’s a certain off-color pun concerning the similarities Read More

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