Brewing With Us

Beer Brewing Classes

We accept guest brewers of all abilities at Factotum Brewhouse—from decorated Pro-Am competition winners to those who don’t know their OG from their IBU. Our guidance is specifically tailored to our guest brewers’ needs.

Interested in brewing with us? You’re four steps away!


Contact Us

E-mail us and we’ll discuss recipe and logistics.


Meet With Us

We’ll hold an informal meeting (even a meeting over e-mail is fine) to better understand your experience level and what type of beer you want to make. If you’re an avid homebrewer, bring a recipe or, if possible, a sample bottle. If you’re new to brewing, just come with some ideas of what you like in a beer and we’ll help you formulate a recipe.


Brew with Us

Once the recipe’s formulated, we’ll schedule a time and day for you to make your beer. One of our brewers will guide you and explain the process to a degree that matches your experience level.


Drink with Us

Once the beer is ready to drink, we’ll contact you and set up a “Meet the Brewer” night so you can come in and talk about your beer and showcase it to all your friends and family as well as the general public.

Pricing for a brewing session: $495 (subject to change)

NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse any recipe.

NOTE: If the style you wish to brew is already taken by a tap handle or two, we can put you on a wait list or you may choose a different style.  For example, we don’t want four IPAs on tap at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the safety concerns?

Safety goggles and dust masks (for the mashing portion) will be provided. All guest brewers must wear suitable shoes (closed-toed and preferably waterproof), work clothing, have hair tied back, and demonstrate basic common sense while in the brewhouse.

What's included?

  • recipe formulation/pre-consultation meeting (~30-60 minutes or discussed over e-mail)
  • ingredients that fall under the category of water, grains, yeast, and hops (for specialty ingredients, see next drop-down menu)
  • lunch for two brewers from a nearby restaurant (Denver Deep Dish, Chubby’s…etc.)
  • 2 comp beers each for two brewers
  • $100 tap room credit OR 1/6 BBL keg + $50 credit OR 1/2 BBL keg
  • free marketing of beer and “Meet the Brewer” night
  • unbiased feedback of beer from the public
  • permanent placement in Brewer’s Hall of Fame book with optional contact info
  • extra guest brewers – $15 pp with lunch or $5 for 2 beers only

What's the story on specialty ingredients?

Your fee includes all “normal” beer ingredients i.e. water, grains, yeast, hops.  Anything else is at an extra cost.  These specialty ingredients include but are not limited too herbs, spices, fruit, tea, coffee, wood chips, and cocoa nibs.

Factotum will assist in finding the best deals and can even call in the order but the expenses of these specialty ingredients are the responsibility of the guest brewer.

We do also reserve the right to refuse any recipe.  Through experience, we know what types of beers do not sell well.  We still need to move product and be smart about what we brew.

What about profits?

In order to share profits, legally, the guest brewer has to obtain a Federal TTB license. If they have a TTB Brewer’s Bond license it will be considered contract brewing and a legal agreement will be made between both parties.

Who gets the recipe rights?

Factotum retains recipe rights as we are required by the TTB to keep a file of all recipes brewed at our facility. We are using the GABF Pro-Am competition as a precedent; in that competition, homebrew winners relinquish rights to the sponsoring brewery.

Factotum has no intention of using the recipes without the consent of the guest brewer and reminds guest brewers that changing a recipe even slightly (substitute a single hop variety for another, for instance) makes it a new and unique recipe.  Also, there is no conflict if the recipe brewed at Factotum remains a homebrew recipe, only if it is sold commercially will we enter into a new, official agreement.

If a guest brewer goes on to open their own brewery and uses the exact same recipe brewed at Factotum, then Factotum has become an incubator for the new business and would enter into a new business relationship with that guest brewer as outlined in the waiver.

Can I barrel-age?

A possibility, but details about length of time and barrel sourcing will need to be discussed.

How much experience do I need?

None! Guidance through the whole process will be tailored to the needs of the guest brewer.

How long will brew day take?

We start early as brewing takes up most of the day. However, there will be at least one point in the brew session where there’s a span of a few hours where we wait for the brew kettle to come to a boil. At that point you may take a break, run errands, get lunch, or anything else. We will contact you when the kettle is close to boiling.

Feel free to bring additional provisions and also your iPod if you would like to customize your music selection during your brew day.

I work a 9-5 job, can I brew on the weekend?

It depends. Most of our guest brewers work a 9-5 job.  As with any 7BBL brewing facility, we have to schedule brew days based on when beer is needed. This may or may not occur on a weekend. However, taking a day off from the 9-5 may be part of the whole experience: “Take that co-workers! I’m brewing beer, drinking beer, and talking beer all day while you’re in your cubicle!”

We try to reserve Saturday and Sunday brew days for large groups e.g. bachelor parties, homebrew clubs, …etc. as it is easier to coordinate group brews on a weekend.

We are open earlier in the day on weekends meaning guest brewers are more confined to the brew house space as we, legally and for safety reasons, must keep it cordoned off during operating hours. During non-operating hours, we are able to open up the space a bit more thus enhancing the quality of the experience.

I have a special event coming up and only need one keg, can you help?

Yes! We have a 1/2 BBL pilot system and can help you brew a special beer for your wedding, office party, family reunion, college graduation,…etc.

You will take the keg we brew to your event, it won’t be served in the Factotum taproom.  In addition to the safety waiver, a 1/2 BBL brew day also necessitates you sign a document stating you will not be serving to minors or selling the contents of the keg.

Cost: $295

Includes: Consultation meeting, ingredients, the actual brew session, lunch on brew day, the keg and its contents, and a $50 keg deposit to be remitted upon safe return of the keg

PLAN AHEAD! It is better to have too much time to brew a beer for your special day than too little.

1/2 BBL's too small, 7 BBL's too big! Help!

We’ve recently added the 4 BBL option.  It’s a middle ground between the 1/2 BBL and the 7 BBL.  You’ll be brewing on the 7 BBL equipment, it’s just that we’ll fill the tanks half-full.  This option will be a little less wait than the 7 BBL option and will produce more beer than the 1/2 BBL option.

Price is $395.

How do I pay?

Cash or credit card.  You may pay online or in person in the taproom.

Are brew sessions refundable?

No, but they are transferable.  Give it as a gift!  You can also trade in the value of the brew session for other goods and services such as merchandise, gift certificates, keg purchases, and taproom credit.