Jorge Chavez and #MZA IPA

At Factotum, we’re all about promoting our guest brewers.  If you’ve been inside our taproom, you might have seen our book of fame sitting in the corner by the men’s room.  There, for posterity’s sake, we immortalize our brewers and their beer for the edification of future patrons.  Just so we don’t mess things up, Read More

Women-Only Craft Beer Classes at Factotum

Quick!  Imagine the quintessential craft beer drinker!  Is he burly and bearded like a modern-day Grizzly Adams?  Or, is he more of the hipster set resplendent with plaid button-up shirt, skinny jeans, curly mustache, and chunky-rimmed eyeglasses?  Perhaps he’s college-aged and getting schnockered in the taproom with his bros, perhaps he’s a family man spending Read More

Breweries, Bikes, and Wednesday Happy Hours

Why is it that, so often, beer geek butts are either planted firmly on a bar stool or in the saddle of a bike whether it be of the road, mountain, or cruiser variety?  The reasons are obvious if you think about it. Safety: Don’t drink and drive.  It’s a phrase you’ve heard a few Read More

The History of Dwyer’s Ire Irish Red

Every beer brewed at Factotum has a history but not all of them as rich as that of Dwyer’s Ire Irish Red by guest brewer Craig Hewitt.  I’ll let Craig recount the tale of this traditional beer that’s soon to hit our tap lines: “In celebration of our family’s Irish heritage, we crafted a beer Read More

Factotum and The Local 303 Beer Club

We’re launching a beer club for die-hard fans of the craft industry! We’re calling it the Local 303 Beer Club in honor of the Denver area’s beloved area code (we meted out additional goodies to members that signed up on or before March 3rd AKA 3/03 AKA 303 Day). There is a deadline to sign-up, Read More

Brewing with Regis University

Not far from Factotum is Regis University, a small Catholic college.  Following in the footsteps of the holy men and women who brewed in the abbeys of Europe long ago (and today, too), the university is connecting religion and brewing with their brand-new Certificate in Applied Craft Brewing, a program in which co-owner Laura Bruns Read More

Origins of the Factotum Logo

You know from the previous blog post how we decided on a name, now let’s dissect the Factotum logo. The stalk of barley: Hops are great, hops are wonderful, but hops aren’t technically necessary in beer (ever had a Scottish gruit?). Malted barley, however, must be present in beer if, indeed, the libation is to Read More

Origins of the Name “Factotum”

What’s the deal with the unusual name? What the heck does “Factotum” mean and what was the process that led to the appellation? First, we needed a name to convey the concept of the brewery—the business model in which any member of the community could come into our facility and make their own beer to Read More

Factotum: An Introduction to the Blog

Welcome to the Factotum Brewhouse blog, fellow beer geek! It is here where we hope to provide insight into the brewery’s past, present, and future as well as open up discussion on the issues facing the craft beer industry today. We also hope to provide answers to FAQs overheard in the taproom. In fact, let’s Read More

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