Connecting Over a Beer: The Shared History of Dwyer’s Ire

People come together over beer.  We meet our friends for a few pints at the bar, we pack fields and convention centers at beer festivals, and, with plastic cup in hand, we make countless new acquaintances at parties, wedding receptions, and anywhere else that foamy elixir is served.  Yes, beer connects people.  But, until recently, we didn’t realize just how far-reaching those bonds could stretch!

Those who read the blog know Dwyer’s Ire, an Irish red ale brewed by Craig Hewitt, has a long and storied history

Dwyer's Ire Irish red ale from Craig Hewitt

This beer connects the Dwyer and Hewitt families

pertaining to Craig’s great-great-grandfather.  However, Craig isn’t the only descendant of this beer’s namesake; we recently received this e-mail:

My name is Don Dwyer and I saw your tribute to my great-great-grandfather, Patrick Athanasius Dwyer, and was very surprised.  I just wanted to thank you for the history of his life and of his service during the Civil War.  All this has become more interesting as my oldest son just returned from a vacation to Pennsylvania where he took a tour of Gettysburg.  The most impressive part, for him, was about Little Round Top!

Anyway, I felt compelled to send a note to you about this and thank you for the story.  We knew that he was in the Civil War but were unaware of the total picture that you presented, so it was nice to see it in writing and then to have a beer dedicated to him.  Very nice.

My “Dwyer” line is from Patrick’s son, John Joseph.  My father was Richard Francis Dwyer.

Well, thank you so much as we’ve all enjoyed the story and I hope the beer is successful!


Don Dwyer

There you have it: two distant relatives, two men who’ve probably never met and who probably didn’t even know the other existed, are now linked by Dwyer’s Ire and the history it represents!

Thanks for getting in touch with us, Don, and, since we’re entering Dwyer’s Ire into the Great American Beer Festival competition, we, too, hope the beer is successful!