Denver’s Coolest Colts Fans Meet at Factotum

Denver is a city of transplants. Whether that’s a benefit or a detriment is a matter of opinion but the fact remains: many Denverites did not begin their life in the Mile High City, they moved in from elsewhere importing with them their own culture, manner of speaking, and sporting preferences. It is that last bit that we’ll be focusing on today… namely the Colts.

But first, let me preempt any possible outrage from native Coloradoans—we love the Broncos. Our hearts sank when they got trounced in Super Bowl XLVIII and our hearts soared when they redeemed themselves in Super Bowl 50. We are Broncos fans. Go Broncos.

However, being that the owners of Factotum are from Indiana, we are also Colts fans and, having lived in Denver for many, many years, we’ve noticed a lot of bars catering to fans of out-of-market teams. We know where to find the Packers bar, the Bears bar, the Raiders bar, the Browns bar, the Chiefs bar, and so many others. For the life of us, we cannot find the Colts bar. So, we are the Colts bar.

If you’re a Hoosier who moved to the Denver area, see us on game day! If you live in Indiana and are visiting the neighborhood, see us on game day! If you’re just a Colts fan with no ties to the Midwest, see us on game day! This season, we have the NFL ticket, a 100” projection screen, and two flat screen TVs (although one of those TVs will be showing another game because, hey, we’re Colts fans but we also realize there are 31 other teams).

Not a Colts fan? That’s fine, we’re welcoming of all fans. We just want to be the one spot in Denver where the Colts crowd feels welcome, too.

Not a sports fan at all? That’s fine, we’re only a sports bar when the game is currently being contested. When nothing’s being played, we’re back to normal as your friendly, neighborhood Factotum Brewhouse.

Whether you’re with the Colts or the Broncos, definitely come see us on September 18th—we’ll be hosting an Oatmaha tailgate at the brewery when Indy visits Denver. Wear your orange-and-blue or your blue-and-white, watch the game, and drink Oatmaha which will be re-released on this day. More information can be found here and optional package deals which include a shirt, a koozie, and two pours of Oatmaha can be purchased here.

So happy footballing, everyone! And go Colts! Go Broncos, too.


The Tow Yard version (left) and the Factotum version (right) of Oatmaha