FAQ Pt. 2

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Working in the taproom, we often hear the same questions asked over and over by different customers.  These are some of the ones we hear most frequently.

How do you choose the guest brewers?

We don’t choose them, they choose us.  We truly believe anybody can brew given the proper amount of guidance and instruction.  There is no vetting process, nobody has to prove themselves to us, and we take all comers because the brew sessions are tailored to the guest brewer’s level of experience (e.g. novice brewers will receive more instructions from the Factotum brew staff).  Potential brewers need only email FactotumBrewhouse@gmail.com to get started.

How long is the wait to brew with Factotum?

We’re happy to say we’ve received an outstanding response to our unique business model.  So, the wait is substantial but we’re moving through the queue as quickly as we can.  If you’re interested in brewing with us, it would behoove you to sign-up early and save your spot in line.

How often do you brew?

The vague (but true) answer is “as often as we can.”  To be more precise, we brew as soon as we have enough keg space and brite tank space to make brewing feasible.  We need empty kegs/tanks because you can’t put a new beer into a keg/tank that already has beer in it.  Ergo, the more you drink and empty out those kegs/tanks, the more often we can brew!  As of late, we’ve been averaging about two or three large batches per month with any number of small batches in between.

What’s your favorite beer that you brew?

Well, of course we wouldn’t release a beer if we thought it wasn’t up to snuff.  But I know what you mean: you’re asking about personal preference.  That would depend on which bartender you’re talking to and also when you visit Factotum because, with our business model, the options are always changing.  Come back in a few weeks and the menu will look a lot different.

So, no flagship beers?

Correct.  Sort of.  For now, at least.  Not so say we’ll never have flagship beers but, for the moment, it’s not a viable option.  Our business model emphasizes the guest brewer and we have a hefty amount of people patiently waiting to brew with us; we want to move those people through the line in a timely manner and flagship beers would delay the process.  Now, when we get to a point where we’re brewing more often, flagship beers will make more sense for us.  Right now, we’re just seeing which beers are especially popular so we can figure out which are the best candidates to bring back on a regular basis.  The majority of beers will always be rotating guest brewer beers, though.

What if a guest brewer comes in with a really bad recipe?

We haven’t seen anything unsalvageable yet and everybody we’ve brewed with has been open to suggestions.  Factotum also has the right of refusal if it absolutely must come to that (we don’t think it ever will).  Also, we believe that, when it comes to making great beer, a good recipe is important.  But how you brew the recipe is vastly more important.  All our guest brewers have the help of our head brewer and assistant brewer who make sure everything comes out right.  Factotum acts as quality control.

That’s all for now, we’ll post more FAQ as we hear them!