The Fourth Watch Belgian Dark Strong Ale

11.5% ABV, 22 IBU
Style: Belgian Dark Strong Ale
Malts: Belgian Pilsner, Special B, Carafoam, Flaked Oats, Melanoidin
Hops: Tettnang, Styrian Golding, Saaz
Yeast: Belgian Monk Ale III (INIS-203)
Additional: Candi Sugar, Raisins
Brewer: Aaron Mieseler

In the words of the brewer:

“I am a Wisconsin native and it was there I was first exposed to craft beer about 15 years ago.  I moved to Denver 12 years ago and, since moving here, my interest in the craft has grown.  I enjoy most styles of beer but I lean toward IPAs, Belgians, and sours.  I am fascinated by the incredible quality and innovation of our local breweries.  I have dabbled in homebrewing but I find that I like different beers most of the time and committing to drinking a five gallon batch is often too much.  But when I had the opportunity to brew a seven BBL batch at Factotum, I jumped at it.  It was fun to create a recipe with Chris and then be involved in the entire brewing process on a commercial system.  I hope you enjoy it!

In past centuries, cities were protected from enemy attacks by a city wall.  As an added security, soldiers were stationed at strategic locations on the wall.  These men acted as watchmen, constantly scanning the land around the city for possible threats.  They would sound alarm if any danger approached.  The night watch was divided into four time periods, beginning at 6 PM and ending the following morning at 6 AM.  The final watch, the Fourth Watch, lasted from 3-6 AM.  This was by far the most difficult watch for a soldier to stay alert.  He needed to be especially vigilant to ensure the safety of the city.

This Belgian dark strong ale, coming in at 11.5% ABV, honors the fortitude of these protectors of the city.  Oats were added to the grain to increase body and smoothness.  Raisins were also added post-fermentation to accent the dried fruit esters that the Belgian yeast imparts.”



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