Kickstarter Thanks

Factotum Brewhouse would like to acknowledge the friends and family who donated to the Kickstarter campaign in the early beginnings of this project. The funds collected during the campaign were used to install a glass garage door in the taproom, allowing the sun and fresh air to stream in for the comfort of our patrons. We are humbled by the amount of generosity that was exhibited and by how many people believed in our dream. We are forever grateful for your support.

Thank You

Megan Kobzej
Kristi Phillippe
Selena Ramos
Michael Thorne
Sanae Popplewell
Christopher Marsh
Randy Maurer
Michael Kirn
Laura Frank
Anthony Fontana
Kevin McCall
Connie V Lindsey
Joanna Young
Nicole Ozawa
Christy Jacob
Josh Favinger
Amy Crockett
Barbara Foster
Manny Rangel
Whitney Allard Rogers
Philip Lowe
Paul Kennedy
Charles Packard
Kelly Bruns
Ein Peck
Blythe Musteric
Pat Trotta
Bryan Hile
Jo Ann Kilps Blake
Cindy Patterson
Beth Brown
Maria Von G
Amy Flodder-Ertel
Chris Murphy
John C. Selvy
Shelby Bowen
Paul Nagy
Jim Munden
Mark Miller
The Helms Family
Mike and Sherri Bartrom

Marianne Pearcy
Vicki and Terry Lakes
Barb Nehring
Lauren Almeida
Laura Jones
Sarah Bruns
Brian Huang
Jeff and Jennifer Helms
Sandra Chapman
Doug Sattem
Josh McIntyre
Matthew Lillie
Kimberly Westerberg
Jen Gonyea
Clint Crockett
Christy Losure White
Benjamin Hedges
Carly Billings
Emily Etzkorn
Sean Dunlap
Marc Svitak
Mariann Pearcy
Angela Casas Gilbert
John Augst
Kris Russell
Carly A Flaherty
Winston L Baity
Sarah Vaile
Shimul Bhuva
Deborah Bruner
Brandy Skjold
James Shrock
Amber LaPointe Banks
Anna Persson
Meg Ward
Melissa Vess
Mary Wirta
Richard Clews
Peggy Chekouras
Jessica Abbott
Bill and Susie Krevda

Penny Curtiss
Edwin Ramos
Deanna Detmer
Shannon McCubbin
Cindy Mauman
Logan Miles
Nicole R. Giguere
Brendan Keeley
Lindsay Thorne
Jill Cross
Kristin Lucas
Katie Collins
Kevin Nordstrom
Brann Greager
Janie Morris
Roberta Shaver
David Hensley
Edward Wasserman
Brandon Condrey
Sarah Carr
Natalie Calisto
Sharlene Bruns
Carrie Vickers
Nichole Bryant
Jeff Thompson
Megan Rhodes
Jeanne Profenna
Justin James
Matt Sandy
Brian Schroder
Erin Okamoto
Libby Prueher
LaVonne Graves
Henry Malmgren
Bob Shaff
Alan M. Beck
Matt Dodyk
Tyler Jones
Emily Campbell
Emily Thomason
Justin James
Robin DeGrassi James