Factotum men's t-shirt

Men’s T-Shirt

Factotum women's t-shirt

Women’s T-Shirt
(V-neck front)

Factotum maternity t-shirt

Maternity Shirt

Factotum onesie


Factotum kid's t-shirt

Unisex Kids Shirt

Factotum Hoodie

Unisex Factotum Hoodie

Factotum Sticker

Factotum Sticker

Factotum Brewhouse Koozie

Factotum Koozie

Join the Local 303 Beer Club

Local 303 Beer Club


Enrollment open! Click here for more details.

Kegs at Factotum Brewhouse
1/2 BBL and 1/6 BBL Kegs
Email for available beer styles and prices
Factotum Brew Session

Factotum Brew Session
All brew sessions are non-refundable once paid for. We do allow the sessions to be transferred upon approval of Factotum Brewhouse. Brew sessions must be used within two years upon being paid for or such fees will be considered earned by Factotum Brewhouse.

Factotum Gift Certificates

Factotum Gift Certificate

(please purchase in taproom)