Pick Up Your FREE GABF Tickets!

We at Factotum Brewhouse are flabbergasted.  We held a raffle to win free GABF tickets, we pulled three names, gave those people several days to claim their prize, but nobody showed up to take them!  So, we drew three more names.  We never thought giving out free GABF tickets–the most coveted prize in all beer geekdom–would be so difficult!  If you see your name in the photo below, congratulations, you’re among the new winners!  Please pick your tickets up before 10pm Thursday (9/24/15).  Bring a valid ID so we can match it to your name.  You will receive two tickets so, if you know somebody that has won, it would behoove you to let them know; you might benefit from it, too.

GABF ticket winners

Is this your name? Pick up your FREE GABF tickets at Factotum before 10pm on 9/24/15