Women-Only Craft Beer Classes at Factotum

Quick!  Imagine the quintessential craft beer drinker!  Is he burly and bearded like a modern-day Grizzly Adams?  Or, is he more of the hipster set resplendent with plaid button-up shirt, skinny jeans, curly mustache, and chunky-rimmed eyeglasses?  Perhaps he’s college-aged and getting schnockered in the taproom with his bros, perhaps he’s a family man spending a lovely Sunday at the brewery with his family.  It doesn’t matter what he looks like, the point is, if you’re like most people, he’s a he.

Indeed, craft beer has long been considered a boy’s club.  Men still make up the majority of the customer base but female drinkers were there at the beginning and, as of late, their numbers are increasing at a significant rate.  For example, women age 21-35 drink craft beer over the national average and comprise 15% of overall consumption.  Perhaps not astounding numbers but, still, no industry would be wise to ignore 15% of their customer base; that’s still a big chunk of potential patrons.

Meanwhile, there’s circumstantial evidence further indicating the rise of female craft beer drinkers.  There’re women-only beer clubs like Pink Boots Society, Crafty Ladies, Girls Pint Out, Barley’s Angels, and many more.  Besides female drinkers, women are having an increasing impact on the production side, too; see: Kim Jordan, co-founder of New Belgium Brewing; Bess Dougherty, headbrewer of Wynkoop Brewing Company; and, of course, your very own Factotum Brewhouse which is majority female-owned.

To meet the needs of this growing demographic, Factotum is hosting a three-part summer series of women-led, women-only craft beer classes starting June 9th.  There will be an introductory, intermediate, and expert class, each hosted by Factotum’s Laura Bruns and other prominent women of the local craft beer scene.  Participants may enroll in individual classes or, for a discounted price, sign-up for a bundle of all three.

Whether a greenhorn drinker or craft beer connoisseur, all women of the Denver-area can find something to love with Factotum’s women-only classes, keep up-to-date on these events by following our Facebook page.  We hope to see you in the taproom this summer for fun, drinks, learning, and female camaraderie!